“Grab Your Brain Mittens!”

Hey there darlings! I hope you’ve been having an excellent week so far I have been having a great week myself and I am super excited about my Brand New video at Taliashepard.com enjoy!! I sure did! Hehe

I’m off to go shipping for SNES games YIPPIE!!! :D


Rise and… Oh Yeah, Shine!

Hey there and good morning my little loves! I slept so amazingly well although I had some pretty interesting and bizzare dreams.
I’m actually still laying in bed but I’m thinking about how I will spend my day and what things I need to get done. Anywho, there is an evergy drink I the fridge calling my name, talk to you soon!! And have an amaziiiing day!^.^



New Updates!

Hey there darlings! I hope you’ve had a fun and relaxing weekend! Can you believe it’s already June?? I feel like this year has been going by so fast but wow, this has been an incredible year so far! I am so thankful to be apart of the amazing Bellas and I am excited to say that NEW and FRESH content will be coming to my site! I want to give a BIG THAANK YOUU to my fabulous members who enjoy what I enjoy doing! You guys are awesome! Oh, and don’t forget to catch me on MFC this week!




Hey there loves! How have you been? Amazing I hope! Sorry for the delay in blog posts I was having some trouble logging in but wow do I have a lot to blog about now since my last upload! I have been very busy with trips and traveling and my oh MY has it been a blast! I can honestly say this is the most joy I’ve had in a while and I can’t wait to share them with you. I have my candids that will be posted on my website at so check them out if you’re too much of an eager beaver to wait ;p I don’t mind! Hehe!

So while I was out looking for some hedge clippers to trim off the dead vines in the backyard I cam across some interesting things. First off I loathe bugs, not because they’re “gross” but because I am that big scary giant in their world who is terrified of them! Anywho, I stumbled upon this one spider (I don’t know what kind) and was immediately intrigued but him! So I ran into the house, grabbed my camera, and ran back to him hoping he was still there going about his duty. I’m assuming he was preparing his lunch haha.




I hope you enjoyed the pics, I got what I could without allowing him the opportunity to jump on my face! O_O
Oh! And if someone could let me know what kind of spider that is, I’d really appreciate it! Bye!



Hey there darlings I hope you’ve been having a great week, my week has been so much fun so far but I have to admit I miss you guys tons over on MFC! I get you’re guys’ tweets about how much you’re missing me and it gets me everytime, I will definitely have to hop on before the weekend is over.

As for my humble and oh so fun customers over at my Store, thank you for all of your orders and I am happy to announce that your purchases have been worn and are getting ready to be shipped out! So a BIG thank you and I hope you enjoy them! ;D

Have a wonderful night peeps and I’ll catch ya soon!