Round Two!

Hey there loves how was your friday night last night? Awesome I hope! Last night I headed out to the casino with some friends to watch them play poker. I have no idea how it’s played or anything like that so I just sit behind them and watch them hash it out at the table. I don’t mind and I agree to come because I love watching. It’s always fun to see how people wear their “Poker Face”. All in all, I don’t mind spending my weekends watching my friends have fun :D And besides, I always get treated to a few drinks so it’s all good with me!
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Alright loves, have a great night!!


Happy Friday Loves!

Hey there darlings I hope you’re having an amazing Friday so far! This week has felt like a long one and although it was long, it was great. I had some exciting news as well and my mom was coming home from her vacation to San Francisco. That is a story in all its own!
So as you may or may not know, I am the world’s best driver. Seriously, I’m pretty good. Mostly due to the fact that I drive a little go-cart Toyota created and named the Yaris! That is a little speed racer and is so fun to drive! Anywho, aside from driving, well, I am horrible at direction! Ask anyone who knows me personally and they would tell you that I couldn’t navigate the streets to save my life! I don’t even know my lefts from my rights it’s that bad… Enough of that, let’s move on with the story shall we.
Yesterday my mom flew in from San Francisco via Southwest Airlines and I had to find the terminal that they were landing at. I had no idea where to park much less find my way into the actual airport! I tried to call my friend and ask how in the world to get to the parking area so I could get out and find my mom. They told me that I had to park in the parking garage or pull up directly to the doors. Well I wasn’t about to try to pull up to the doors in fear that I’d run over a bunch of poor pedestrians. So instead I drove around in a circle around the airport about 15 times. I finally found a parking garage and parked and took pictures of all the signs around me so I could find my way back to the car.
I eventually found my mom and when I did I couldn’t have been more thrilled! I missed her tons and I was ready to stop playing Queen of the house (I prefer being the Princess) and she was glad to be back too.
Sorry guys if my story is butchered I’m at the casino sitting in the poker room and I’m enjoying a drink, or two ;p

Have a great night peeps! And if you haven’t be sure to check out my site is being updated every week with fresh new, never before seen content!



Growing a Little Love

So for a little while I was helping my mom with her little vegetable garden but unfortunately last week they all wilted. She even had a little pomegranate thriving here for a bit but that has also bit the dust. So, while I was at Lowe’s picking up a new toilet seat for my friend because hers is disgusting I decided to venture out into the garden section. I was immediately going into brain storming mode and got all these ideas about planting some more “durable” vegetation when I came across this perfect looking little mini tree! I thought it would be perfect since the label explained to me that it was pretty resistant to dieing. I mean, the plant only needs to be watered once a week so I definitely can’t beat that! Unless it dies of course then I think ill just put away the gardening gloves for good haha. Anywho, I picked out a cute little green pot, grabbed some soil and took it home. It’s all planted now and it looks absolutely wonderful! All in all, it was a great little shopping adventure. Except for the toilet seat.. that was cracked when she opened the box, whoops!



“Grab Your Brain Mittens!”

Hey there darlings! I hope you’ve been having an excellent week so far I have been having a great week myself and I am super excited about my Brand New video at enjoy!! I sure did! Hehe

I’m off to go shipping for SNES games YIPPIE!!! :D


Rise and… Oh Yeah, Shine!

Hey there and good morning my little loves! I slept so amazingly well although I had some pretty interesting and bizzare dreams.
I’m actually still laying in bed but I’m thinking about how I will spend my day and what things I need to get done. Anywho, there is an evergy drink I the fridge calling my name, talk to you soon!! And have an amaziiiing day!^.^