Growing a Little Love

So for a little while I was helping my mom with her little vegetable garden but unfortunately last week they all wilted. She even had a little pomegranate thriving here for a bit but that has also bit the dust. So, while I was at Lowe’s picking up a new toilet seat for my friend because hers is disgusting I decided to venture out into the garden section. I was immediately going into brain storming mode and got all these ideas about planting some more “durable” vegetation when I came across this perfect looking little mini tree! I thought it would be perfect since the label explained to me that it was pretty resistant to dieing. I mean, the plant only needs to be watered once a week so I definitely can’t beat that! Unless it dies of course then I think ill just put away the gardening gloves for good haha. Anywho, I picked out a cute little green pot, grabbed some soil and took it home. It’s all planted now and it looks absolutely wonderful! All in all, it was a great little shopping adventure. Except for the toilet seat.. that was cracked when she opened the box, whoops!



“Grab Your Brain Mittens!”

Hey there darlings! I hope you’ve been having an excellent week so far I have been having a great week myself and I am super excited about my Brand New video at enjoy!! I sure did! Hehe

I’m off to go shipping for SNES games YIPPIE!!! :D


Rise and… Oh Yeah, Shine!

Hey there and good morning my little loves! I slept so amazingly well although I had some pretty interesting and bizzare dreams.
I’m actually still laying in bed but I’m thinking about how I will spend my day and what things I need to get done. Anywho, there is an evergy drink I the fridge calling my name, talk to you soon!! And have an amaziiiing day!^.^



New Updates!

Hey there darlings! I hope you’ve had a fun and relaxing weekend! Can you believe it’s already June?? I feel like this year has been going by so fast but wow, this has been an incredible year so far! I am so thankful to be apart of the amazing Bellas and I am excited to say that NEW and FRESH content will be coming to my site! I want to give a BIG THAANK YOUU to my fabulous members who enjoy what I enjoy doing! You guys are awesome! Oh, and don’t forget to catch me on MFC this week!




Hey there loves! How have you been? Amazing I hope! Sorry for the delay in blog posts I was having some trouble logging in but wow do I have a lot to blog about now since my last upload! I have been very busy with trips and traveling and my oh MY has it been a blast! I can honestly say this is the most joy I’ve had in a while and I can’t wait to share them with you. I have my candids that will be posted on my website at so check them out if you’re too much of an eager beaver to wait ;p I don’t mind! Hehe!

So while I was out looking for some hedge clippers to trim off the dead vines in the backyard I cam across some interesting things. First off I loathe bugs, not because they’re “gross” but because I am that big scary giant in their world who is terrified of them! Anywho, I stumbled upon this one spider (I don’t know what kind) and was immediately intrigued but him! So I ran into the house, grabbed my camera, and ran back to him hoping he was still there going about his duty. I’m assuming he was preparing his lunch haha.




I hope you enjoyed the pics, I got what I could without allowing him the opportunity to jump on my face! O_O
Oh! And if someone could let me know what kind of spider that is, I’d really appreciate it! Bye!